Adoring Lately: Marni Handbags

I’m squashing hard on these inconspicuous yet shocking packs

2018 could possibly be portrayed as the time of the logo, and if our preferred creators’ Spring 2019 accumulations are any pointer, the logo love proceeds into 2019. That being stated, it tends to be elusive a staggering pack that overflows style and is unfathomably chic, yet doesn’t shout its image name in your face. I’ll be the first to concede that I am into the logo pattern, and however there are a great deal of naysayers out there, I’m not reluctant to state it. I happened to satchel cherishing age amid the stature of the logo fixation of the late 90s and mid 2000s, and the arrival of the logo love has carried with it a ton of wistfulness. In spite of the fact that I’ve been shaking my logo packs recently—new, and old!— I’m additionally getting to an age where I can value a sack that is somewhat under the radar. I’ve additionally started to comprehend why somebody would need to convey an expertly made sack that is lovely however not unmistakably originator. As of late I’ve ended up pulverizing on Marni Handbags.

Despite the fact that not new to the tote amusement, Marni Bags were never truly on my radar until two or three weeks back when I was assembling a Bag Deals post. I looked past a staggering blue crossbody pack and my fingers solidified over the sack as I didn’t quickly know which fashioner it was. I was attracted to the sack’s half moon shape, enormous gold itemizing and dark blue tone. I took a gander at the brand and when I saw it was Marni I was fascinated to see subtleties, yet additionally I needed to perceive what else the brand brought to the table. With a snappy pursuit I saw that there were numerous different packs in the Marni lineup that I would love to claim. While my unique pound has since sold out, I’ve gathered together a portion of my other current top picks from the brand underneath. I’m tingling to get my hands on a Marni pack for myself and I’d love to hear your musings as well!

Marni Small Monile Bag

Marni Trunk Bag

Marni Bucket Bag

Marni Tuk Shoulder Bag

Marni Trunk Micro Shoulder Bag

Marni Pochette Two-Tone Convertible Belt Bag

Marni Trunk Medium Bag

Marni Pannier Shoulder Bag

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