I Never Wanted a Gucci Bag Until…

I saw my companion’s mother wearing a Sylvie Leather Mini Bag

I never trusted in all consuming, instant adoration. That is, until the minute I looked at the Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Bag in red. Note that I’m once in a while pulled in to red sacks. (My accumulation is on the whole dark. Oh no.) But given me a chance to let you know, this Gucci variant requires a special case.

Sufficiently clever, the first occasion when I saw the pack was subsequent to snatching espresso with one of my most established companions. She was around the local area for a couple of days, and as we were bidding a fond farewell, her mother (who I know and love beyond a reasonable doubt) came up to me to make proper acquaintance. I really wanted to proclaim, “Goodness, your sack. It’s shocking!” After I said it, I was somewhat humiliated. Her mother likely still considers me the young lady who played spruce up with her little girl – not a young lady who might truly think about burning through $2,400 on a sack.

The main thing I did when I returned home was rapidly Google it. Since I’m marginally strangely into packs, I could tell from the begin it was a Gucci. Despite the fact that the notorious (and rather vast) logo was not a single where to be seen, the gold equipment gave it away (to me, in any event). When I limited that down, I sought high and low on the site until I found the right size, style, and shading. It really comes in a significant number hues (dark, white, honey bee embellishments), yet I feel that red just bodes well on this sack.

Up until this point, I’ve been resolved with companions that I’d never buy a Gucci. I don’t have an issue with the brand (a large number of the styles are lovely!), however I feel as though they are extremely common now – and when we’re looking at burning through a great many dollars on something (particularly as a semi-speculation sack), I just never thought Gucci was the best approach.

Two or three days after my first experience with Sylvie (we’re on a first name premise now), I went to the closest Gucci store to assess it for myself. I can joyfully report the quality surpassed my desires. It was durable and marginally bigger than I expected, and the gold-plated equipment adjusted everything, giving it a touch of a bonus without saying, “Take a gander at me! I’m Gucci!” It unquestionably earned a spot on my pack list, however regardless I haven’t chosen on the off chance that I’ll buy it later on. (I like to ruminate on a pack for a few months before pulling the trigger.)

I can say I’m on a semi Gucci kick now. (Who might have thought!). Obviously, Sylvie gets the main spot on this rundown, yet I’ve likewise gathered together a bunch of different styles I wouldn’t see any problems with experimenting with. What do you think? Is it accurate to say that you are into it?

Sylvie Leather Mini Bag($2,400)

GG Marmont Mini Round Shoulder Bag($1,290)

Dionysus GG Blooms Super Mini Bag($790)

Sylvie Embroidered Small Shoulder Bag($3,100)

Arli Medium Shoulder Bag($2,980)

GG Marmont Raffia Small Shoulder Bag($2,390)

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