Everybody recollects that Sex and the City scene where Carrie reveals to Berger that no genuine New Yorker would be gotten dead in a hip city eatery wearing a scrunchie. Well that was at that point, and this is presently, and now scrunchies have made a genuine rebound! It’s certainly a pattern I could have never anticipated and appears an excess of athleisure everything nowadays. Indeed, even the ever-prevalent invisibobble now has their form of scrunchies with Sprunchie ($8), which is fundamentally an exemplary invisibobble canvassed in velvet. I’m going back and forth about this pattern. I don’t discover scrunchies especially complimenting, yet they do give a touch of additional grasp – however I looooove the first invisibobble, which keeps my hair secure notwithstanding amid intense exercises without harming my strands. The one advantage, other than a touch of included security, is that scrunchies don’t get tangled up like fasteners do after a couple of employments. In case you will decide on a scrunchie I state go the whole distance and go for something wild like panther design!

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