Valentino Continues to Push Its New Logo Bags for Fall 2019

There was another Rockstud sack as well, gracious obviously…

As of late, Valentino’s runway indicates weren’t too stunning. They incorporated the standard suspects—Rockstuds in abundance, smaller than normal packs, and stylish styles taking into account what has reliably worked for the brand in years past. All that changed for Spring 2019 when the brand presented new logo equipment. The conspicuousness of this new logo was difficult to overlook, inferring that these sacks would be a major push for the brand in seasons to come. Obviously, Valentino has kept on wagering overwhelming on this logo for Fall 2019.

The accentuation was clear, with almost the majority of the sacks containing the enormous ‘V’ equipment. And keeping in mind that the logo itself was difficult to disregard, the packs by and large were disappointing, best case scenario. The vast majority of the accumulation highlighted organized fold sacks of shifting sizes. Some included a convertible gold chain while others were done with a cowhide bear tie. A little speed around camera sack was additionally presented, obviously bearing the new logo. While Valentino’s famous Rockstuds weren’t unmistakable all through, a supple fold sack with studded specifying was presented in two hues.

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